“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” ‐ Peter F. Drucker

We turn the possibilities of big data into opportunities. We are a data-driven decisioning consultancy serving various industries including broadcast television, media, retail/commerce and more.



Data Orchestration


Companies are awash in data, generating more data than ever before. Customer information is scattered across enterprises. Data is pouring into organizations from multiplying sources and managed through an astounding diversity of instruments. It is overwhelming in its potential – and in its sheer volume.

The possibilities and promise of big data are being heavily promoted by experts while actual opportunities seem out of reach. Data sources are far outpacing insights and solutions.

Entire industries have sprung up overnight touting highly sophisticated solutions to unrecognizable problems. Thousands of vendors with imperceptibly different messages and offerings are continuously selling us well-pitched scenarios with jarring price tags. How can you hear the signal through the noise?

To be successful, you need a strategy that prioritizes the opportunities, arranges the solutions, coordinates the required vendors and resources and carefully composes the activations to maximize return.


Design and specification of your Audience Intelligence Platform
  • Privacy reviews & policy development
  • Requirements analysis and internal focus groups
  • Budgeting
  • Technology reviews and best practice recommendations
  • Vendor reviews
  • Internal resourcing
  • Project management

Infrastructure integration and 1st party data aggregation
  • Customer data strategy
  • Enterprise data audits
  • Data cleansing and normalization best practices
  • Enterprise data modeling
  • Technology integration
3rd party data sourcing and augmentation
  • 3rd party data strategy
  • Data provider reviews
  • Email to postal appends
  • Geographic, behavioral, demographic, psychographic and census data augmentation
  • Specialty data sets research

Leverage the assets you’ve built
  • Audience targeting (paid media & ad sales)
  • Lookalike modeling
  • Programmatic & private marketplaces
  • Measurement & private marketplaces
  • Consumer Insights
  • Content personalization


Predict is the trusted adviser to some of the biggest brands. As a data driven consulting firm, our top consultants are the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. For this reason, we identify and invest in exceptional people and create an environment that fosters innovation and business breakthroughs leveraging data. Our consultants include technology company Founders, CEO’s, CTO’s and business process leaders. They join Predict to apply their talents to complex, important challenges and have the opportunity to build products that solve important business problems.



Ed has 20 years of business management, finance, consulting and marketing experience in addition to being a repeat entrepreneur. His background includes over six years in corporate valuation and investment banking. He was the founder and CEO of Citystuff, Inc., a nationwide e-commerce network connecting hundreds of small to medium businesses. The company was acquired in 2001.

In addition to being the Founder of Predict, Ed founded SimplyEngage, a growing Software as a Service company that provides a single sign-on solution for franchised and multi-unit brands to execute data driven online marketing locally at scale. SimplyEngage was acquired by modomodo in 2014. Ed is currently on the board of directors of modomodo.

Ed is also the Co-Founder and Co-Director of The Kate Shea Foundation, a foundation dedicated to raising awareness and providing funds to select Leukemia research organizations and financial assistance to further the cultural and academic educations of youths as they strive to understand and accept global diversity as a reality.

Chris Bryant is a digital media pioneer. successful entrepreneur, and President at Predict. He has more than 2O years of digital marketing experience, having founded one of the first big dot com agencies in 1995, T3 Media was born and quickly grew into the leading provider of interactive marketing services for Broadway’s biggest shows, including Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Cots and many others. By 1997, T3 Media had become the Interactive Agency of Record for major divisions of Fortune 500 brands like Microsoft, Deutsche Bank and American Express.

In just five years, Chris successfully built the company into a national presence, raised equity and debt financing for the expansion and ultimately sold the company in 1999, Chris was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 1999, He remained the company’s CEO through 2001 when left to pursue other interests.

Since 2003 Chris has been involved as a partner, board member, or adviser to 10 highly varied businesses including Elizabeth Street Gallery, importing 18th and 19th Century European carved stone statuary, garden ornaments, and architectural elements, Rhino Mobile, a leading mobile advertising network, and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. An active member for more than 15 years, he has served on the New York City chapter board including two years as President from 2005-2007 . He also served on EO’s Global Board, overseeing the organization’s 116 chapters across 42 countries.

Jeff Marcus is a Media and technology thought leader and CTO and tech-founder who elevates companies to the next level. He has expertise in managing diverse development teams across different industries, but media/advertising and healthcare are specialties. He can pinpoint the path of least resistance to capitalize on market opportunities and provide on-demand resources when needed to deliver solutions. He works with companies at various levels – from start-up on upward, including VC’s and institutional investors.

Jeff founded Sparkway, New Jersey’s Leader for Custom Software Development in 2007. He previously served as CTO of 24/7 Real Media leading up to their sale to WPP for $650 million. As a VP and GM at Mirror Image he founded their Streaming Media division. He was VP of networking at DoubleClick and VP of Operations at JvNCNET (John von Neumann Center Network at Princeton), one of the original six backbone nodes of the Internet. He also held key management positions at KPMG and UPS and began his career as a software engineer at IBM. As Sparkway’s CEO, his deep industry experience is now widely applied toward helping clients succeed.

Allen Wyke is a seasoned technologist and digital executive with 20 years experience. He has operational experience in digital media, online advertising, software and eCommerce, in large organizations as well as mid-size and startups – often in CTO, CDO or COO roles. He has expertise in innovation, technology and infrastructure platforms, projects and teams, as well as marketing operations, lead generation, business development, traffic acquisition, analytics, SEO, editorial, and AdOps.

Allen has worked on various Internet standards groups and written over a dozen books. When transitioning between jobs or as required otherwise, he works under Ripple Group, Inc., which is a successful boutique consulting company.

Philip Kearney is a seasoned digital business executive with 20 years experience working with over 250 Fortune 500, mid-sized companies and ventures (both on the start-up and investment side) in identifying market opportunity, aligning with consumer demand, designing and executing go-to-market strategies, and building and scaling businesses.

Philip serves as a confidante to many CEO’s and investors as well as being a senior digital executive (SVP, GM, Chief Product Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Operating Officer roles) entrusted and responsible for navigating current challenges and delivering positive results. Additionally, Philip sits on Boards as active advisor or independent director, and also works with PE and VC groups advising on potential investments, M&A (including due diligence), and assisting portfolio companies as needed.


Predict has built a successful practice specializing in helping companies develop data driven strategies and activate big data opportunities.



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